Supply pipe renewals.
There are several reasons why people want to renew their water supply pipe. Listed below are some of those reasons.

Lead replacement:
Water supplied through old lead pipe work can contain undesirable levels of lead. Most Water companies operate a lead replacement scheme where lead pipe work in the highway will be replaced in conjunction with customers renewing their supply pipes. Contact Underground pipe solutions for further details.

Lead is commonly found in the environment. It comes from a variety of sources, including vehicle exhausts and old paintwork and it may be present in air, food, soil or water. It can build up in the body which can be harmful at high levels. Research studies have shown that lead can have a small effect on the mental development of children. It may also be a factor in behavioral problems. It is best therefore to keep lead levels in water as low as possible*.
For this reason, we recommend that household customers replace any lead pipes on their property with new plastic pipes.
         *Source: Drinking Water Inspectorate

Eliminate leaks:
Where leaks are not visible it is sometimes difficult and expensive to pinpoint the exact location of that leak due to the ground type and the amount of water being wasted

Increase flow and pressure:
Most properties still have original pipe work (more commonly a ˝” supply), which with modern requirements (pressurised heating systems and greater demand) isn’t sufficient to supply mains water adequately. In these cases the supply pipe bore will need to be increased, this is done by renewing the supply pipe from the boundary stopcock in to the property increasing the amount of water available so the pressure will remain constant.

Separation of supply:
If a property shares a supply pipe there will be a joint demand for water from this. This can have an affect on some properties during peak demand where the supply of water will be reduced. This can be resolved by separating the shared supply and installing an independent service to feed single properties only.

Extensions over existing pipework or having a new driveway or installing a new kitchen:
It is advisable to consider renewing your water supply pipe, better to do it before rather than after.

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