About us.

Interwater Limited is owned and run by Gary Morgan, who was trained by Severn Trent Water and has over 25 years experience working in the water industry. Gary has been involved with the laying and maintaining of miles of different types of water pipes of various sizes and materials, everything from large diameter pipes to the supply pipes that connect to your property. He has laid pipes, repaired pipes and traced buried pipes, so over the years has gained a considerable amount of expert knowledge in laying and repairing water pipes.

Interwater Limited is approved by Severn Trent under the “Watermark” Approved Contractor Scheme. This also means that Gary Morgan is authorised to certify that any work done meets all the necessary regulatory requirements.
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We are also an approved member of the Trading Standards “Buy With Confidence” scheme. See .


Quality, Reliability and Service.

We aim to provide a guaranteed, reliable and efficient service with good customer care. We are polite, friendly, competent and efficient.

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